Posted by: Michael Dewalt | June 30, 2009

Calvin’s Practical View of Adoption: Its Privileges and Duties

Many who know me, know I love focusing my studies on Central-Gospel themes, doctrines, and issues of today that deal with the Gospel its’ self. I have wanted to spend sometime during my Masters of Arts writing on Calvin’s view of the Gospel truths in adoption and what it detailed. My last semester I was able to do so, and work with a fellow brother at seminary who helped me. Here is the paper Maarten Kuivenhoven and I worked on together, Calvin’s Practical View of Adoption: Its Privileges and Duties.


  1. Michael,

    Thanks for this. I am looking forward to reading it. I am sure it will be a real blessing. Looking forward to meeting you next week as well, it seems as though we have some common interests…

    Joe Fleener

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