Posted by: davidwhall | July 11, 2008

Lunch with Geoff and Steve

What a treat to meet and have lunch with Geoff Thomas and Steve Martin today in south ATL. Geoff is one of our speakers for the conference next year, and Steve and I had never met face-to-face. Geoff is in the USA speaking at a fantastic sounding week-long conference (for the whole church!) at St. Simon’s Island. Now that’s the way to do a conference. Then, he’ll be in Mississippi the following week. Be sure to catch his blogs, and his sermons are incredibly helpful.

He even took time to recommend a few more speakers for our Calvinpalooza next year.

Steve and I would love to see a Banner of Truth Ministers Conference (Sinclair are you lurking?) in the South sometime. Here’s to that.

What a treat to meet Geoff–a man who has served a long and faithful pastorate in Wales and who has discipled many. May the Lord raise up a few like him for the future.


When and where will Geoff be in MS? thanks

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