Posted by: Michael Dewalt | August 15, 2008

A Preview of Calvin 500 Liturgy

These basement tapes show the planning committee, rehearsing for the 2009 Conference. Yes, that’s the official Calvin500 Praise team. So . . . “Put your hands in the ay-er. Then Dos-si do.”
Well, maybe we can improve a little in Geneva.


I’m too appalled to comment on the theology of this YouTube post but even the dance instructions are wrong. These people are not doing a dos a dos, (aka a back to back) they are doing an arm right and left. They are following their leader, he tells them to “grab” their partner for a move that doesn’t call for touching anyone. He tells them to act like they don’t care and they joyfully obey. Perhaps I have to comment on the theology. Can you move this post from the fun-comedy section to the tragedy section? It makes me want to weep and wail .

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