Posted by: Michael Dewalt | December 16, 2008

Calvin 500 in the Middle East

Calvin News given from the Middle East.

“I hope this finds you well in everything. You may recall that I emailed you earlier, regarding celebrating Calvin 500 in the Middle East. As you know, there are presbyterian Churches in several countries in our region–the largest of which is in my church here in Egypt. We have over 350 churches, with history going back to 1850s.
I have personally spread the word all-over Egypt. As a full time instructor at Cairo Seminary, I am encouraging the seminary to celebrate this event. I also put together a book, The Miracle of Grace,  on the Five Points of Calvinism (part of it is translation, and the other is my own composition). The book still awaits funds to go to print. So, I appreciate your prayers in this regard. I plan on printing 2000 copies. Al-Huda magazine, the official magazine of our church, will start its own celebration. This is good news, I think.” - Rev. Wageeh Mikhail

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