Posted by: Michael Dewalt | January 19, 2009

Prayer for Calvin500

(Post by Jerry O’Neill)

Why are you going to Geneva, Switzerland, this summer with hundreds of other Christians to participate in Calvin500?  To hear good preaching and strong teaching?  Enjoy great fellowship?  See some amazing sites?  Reflect on our glorious heritage?  I hope that all of these things are on your mind as you look forward to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But the leadership committee is also hopeful of something much more.  By God’s grace, our great desire is to see our glorious Lord use Calvin500 as a springboard to a twenty-first century Reformation.  How we desire to see Biblical revival and reformation in our day!  To this end, let us pray.

During the next several months, we will be sharing with you various prayer concerns.  And we do hope that you will pray!  And as you pray, please keep uppermost in your mind the need of the church for genuine, Biblical repentance that might be blessed by God to renew the slumbering church today.

John Calvin, on prayer – But since we have been taught by faith to acknowledge, that whatever we want for the supply of our necessities is in God and our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom it has pleased the Father of all the fullness of his bounty should dwell, that we may all draw from it, as from a most copious fountain, it remains for us to seek in him, and by prayers to implore of him, that which we have been informed resides in him.

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