Posted by: Michael Dewalt | May 12, 2009


Long awaited, the International Museum of the Reformation has finally opened its doors. Installed on the ground floor of the magnificent Maison Mallet (next to Saint-Pierre Cathedral), the Museum presents the main elements of this spiritual and cultural tradition. Unique objects, manuscripts, rare books, engravings and paintings illustrate the close ties of Geneva to the Reformation. This message is well served by a state-of-the-art design: films, a music room and events, including many for children, invite visitors to both rediscover the past and imagine the future.

Special exhibit now in the Museum “A Day in the life of John Calvin” from April 24 to November 1, 2009

Thanks to eight pavilions, Calvin’s life is told during a day, from the moment he gets up at 4am until he goes to bed at 9pm. In each pavilion, we hear Calvin’s voice, his friends’ and his opponents’, as well as noise from the city and we discover the daily life in Geneva as well as the life of Calvin. John Calvin appears virtually (in four out of the eight pavilions), animated and speaking, surrounded by typical setting from back in the days. Some engraving, items and books from the 16th century is also exhibited.

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