Posted by: Michael Dewalt | July 5, 2009

Pre-day Conference Trip

Crossing the pond for the first time took a little longer than what I had thought it would be. I simply could not sleep for more than 10 minutes on the flight from Detroit to Amsterdam without someone screaming in my ear, kicking my seat, or puking behind me. Instead, I spent most of the time reading a book, listening to my iPod, and I did watch one movie, Monsters vs. Aliens. But at last I made it safe to Amsterdam, and for that I am very thankful. I now stand in the Amsterdam Airport, which seems to either not have AC or they don’t use it, because I am sweating like mad in this place! I walked around trying to find somewhere to connect to the Internet, and happened to come across an “Internet-café,” where they wouldn’t allow me to use their wifi because I wouldn’t spend $10 on a cup of coffee. So I asked one of the ladies in those bright blue jumper outfits to aid me in finding some wifi so I could work, and she pointed me in the right direction. What she didn’t tell me was that it cost $6.00 American dollars for every 15 minutes. I think I’ll pass, and post tonight at the hotel.

After waiting a few hours in Amsterdam for my last flight, Ligon Duncan and Derek Thomas came walking up to where I was sitting. It was most certainly nice to see some faces that I knew and have a conversation for once in the last 15 hours. After we arrived in Geneva, we ran into Bryan Chapell at the Geneva Airport while getting our luggage. From there, all four of us squeezed into a taxi and headed to the hotel. Now I am sitting down here finishing up the small ends of this post and am in need of a nap since I have not yet slept. I heard a rumor that there is an organ show tonight at Calvin’s Cathedral, but I am not sure, nor know yet if I am going to go.

Here are a few shots of the city from my hotel window, and stay tuned for more to come on the events that are taking place this week.


Pre-day Conference Thoughts

What I liked

Free food is always a favorite of mine, so the meal and drinks on the plane I enjoyed.

Being able to get sushi with my fiancée before I left Michigan for my flight.

My flight from Grand Rapids to Detroit was on a plane fit for 200, and only had 20 people on it.

What I disliked

The 3 kids that sat behind me on the plane, and kicked the back of my seat for a strait 7-hours.

The women in the Amsterdam Airport that keep walking up to me, asking me to smell cologne in their stores.

The fact that everything seems to cost 2-times as much as it does back in Ohio or Michigan.

What I noticed

Everyone cares about how they smell, or what fragrance they have.

Everyone’s shoes are crazy; just different then what I am used to.

There are wine stores everywhere, not really a fan, but never saw them this large in an airport.

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