Getting Ready for Bikini Season

Lose the Extra Pounds – Probably the biggest concern of any woman dragging her feet on the way to the swimsuit section of the store is the excess weight around the midsection, hips, or legs. Shedding those unwanted pounds in time for the summertime pool party won’t be easy; may not even be possible. However, a person can now safely shed many of those pesky pounds in a relatively short amount of time with the help of hCG. This naturally occurring hormone occurs in women during pregnancy. However, it is also thought to encourage the release of fat stores, so the body can process them and dispose of whatever remains. That means that fat is shed faster than with diet along. A large percentage of those who have tried this diet plan report the loss of the first pound on the very first day, and go one to report the shedding of three or more pounds per day thereafter, for the duration of time when the drops are used. It is recommended that anyone considering this dietary aid, purchase it from a trained professional, familiar with the body and its response to the hormone.

Don’t Rely on Foundation - It’s not just the body that will receive attention while enjoying the sun and sand. A person’s complexion is also on display, often more so than it would be during the winter months. Why? Make-up cannot be relied on so heavily when jumping in and out of the pool, lake, or ocean. Rather than relying on foundation for smooth skin, this might be the perfect time to consider a trip to the local spa for a photofacial. This is a very common procedure that can wipe away the signs of broken capillaries, fine lines and wrinkles, assist in the fight against acne, and even erase brown spots. It is believed that the treatment, which involves carefully concentrated LED light encourages collagen growth, which means that the skin develops a tighter, more youthful appeal as well. IPL photofacials, or those that use intense-pulsed light, as opposed to LED, are even more affective at creating a more even color on the face.

Lose the Unwanted Hair – Whether it is on the legs, arms, pits, face, feet, or bikini line, unwanted hair can be a major issue during swimsuit season, when so much skin is revealed. Finding a way to attack the issue and enjoy super smooth and beautiful skin is key. Shaving is the most common approach, but can leave some areas irritated and less attractive. Waxing will last longer, but also involves a degree of pain that some aren’t prepared to endure. For a more permanent approach to the problem, you might consider laser hair removal. This is the most popular time to have the procedure done and many laser spas will offer discounts, which is great news for those excited for the warmer temperatures to come.

With summer just months away, are you doing enough to get yourself in the best possible shape for days and nights on the beach?

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