Could Some Children Benefit From a Trip to a Medical Spa, Austin?

It might seem odd to consider taking your son or daughter along when you head to the spa for a injections of Juvederm. Austin experts, however, are now pointing to the findings of a recent study as proof that it might not be such a bad idea. That is, if you have a child with a neurological disorder.

There are many common neurological disorders that affect young children. Perhaps the most commonly recognized of them are ADHD and autism. ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder makes it challenging for a child to focus on a specific task. The child will struggle to sit still and maintain concentration in school. Autism is entirely different, but a child can suffer from both illnesses at the same time. Autism affects the child’s ability to relate and communicate on a social level. Kids who face this disorder will frequently forego many of the common childhood activities becoming somewhat obsessed with one or two habits. While these two conditions can be very severe in some instances, they are not necessarily the worse situations a child can face. It is children diagnosed with conditions like severe cerebral palsy that face bigger challenges. This condition attacks a person’s motor control and can make any movement difficult. It can also cause a child to drool and speak very poorly.

Drooling can become a major issue, in fact. There are a number of concerns associated with drooling in children, including being socially outcast and, more seriously, a risk of aspiration pneumonia. However, researchers have now found a possible treatment for the problem of excessive drooling that can be provided at the local medical spa; Botox. Austin clinics may see an influx of children after this particular study found that Botox was well received and very effective in the children who had difficulty with drooling.

Botox, short for botulinum toxin is a derivative of a substance that could actually cause severe illness or death if consumed. However, this serum, which is highly diluted and used only in very small quantities, has won much of the American population over for its ability to relax facial muscles, thereby erasing the common signs of aging. It is its ability to relax the muscles that makes it so effective in the treatment of these children.

There were more than one hundred-thirty kids followed. They ranged in age, but one thing was constant – when injected with the Botox, their drooling decreased substantially. Doctors, of course, warn that this should not be a first line of defense against the problem. There have been other treatments that have proven effective in many children with CP and other neurological disorders, who also struggle with drooling. Speech therapy, for instance, has been shown to improve a child’s ability to socialize and can also cut down on the saliva-related problem. While speech therapy was beneficial for some children, those who lacked the cognitive ability to comprehend the training did not see any improvement. In those instances when the alternative treatments fail, Botox could provide the answer that so many children and parents are seeking. If you’re looking for results like these, head for the medical spa. Austin has lots of options available.

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