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Welcome. Bienvenue. Wilkommen. This site is the home for an international community of people who wish to celebrate and commemorate the birth of one of the most important thinkers in history: John Calvin (1509-1564). The occasion is his 500th birthday on July 10, 2009. That date is being marked by a tour in Paris, Strasbourg, Bern,and Calvin’s own Geneva that concludes on that date. He will be honored with sermons from Calvin’s own pulpit and scholarly papers. Two separate world-class conferences will meet in Geneva, July 5 through July 10, 2009 for the occasion. However, leading up to that Calvin Quincentenary will be many events, multiple conferences, and numerous publications and discussions. You’re invited to be a part of these historica events and to make this your first stop for the latest information on Calvin500 and other events.
Friends of Calvin have often gathered to interact with his thought and to enhance it. As one of our bloginists (that’s a Calvinist blogger) recently wrote:
“Various centuries and various locales have found ways to gather some of the finest authorities for conversations. Whether one thinks of the ancient Athenian agora where citizen philosophers held forth, or an Arthurian round table which was an early form of a polis, or Luther’s Table talks with disciples in German common houses, or a French Salon heady with eighteenth century enlightenment ideals, or today’s blog, which provides instant access for an international community, we often find that excellent ideas are further sharpened with infusions of commentary from others. We think that John Calvin would certainly approve of the hearty discussion, amplification, and reflection upon his work such as we offer herein. He himself certainly recognized that his first edition (1536) could be improved; for he revised this magnum opus in 1539, 1545, 1554, and 1559.”

This blog is best viewed as that kind of conversation among informed friends. We’ll have some regular features and other places for you to add your comments. This site will also contain the most current updates from Calvin500 about tour and conference matters.

    Contact Calvin 500

    David Hall
    4635 Dallas Highway
    Powder Springs, GA 30127

    (770) 422-4974

    If you would like to help pass the word, please visit our free download section and print off bulletin inserts or posters for your own church or group.


    1. I hope and pray that something worthwhile and God-glorifying will continually emanate from this initiative, and through it, many be wafted into the communion of the pious

    2. Could you allow Full-Text Posts in the RSS feeds? Thanks.

    3. i believe we have just done that! :)

    4. Dear Michael,
      Thanks for your email.

      When I try web rss readers Google Reader and Bloglines, we have only a snippet of the first few words.
      With a browser such as Opera, we can see the full text.

      Please check your email for more details and screenshots.

    5. We have full RSS feeds in RSS programs that read RSS feeds. For such as Google reader and ones like that, they do their own thing to where we do not have control.
      Personal Opinion for an RSS Feeder= NetNewsWire!!! It is great for reading blogs!!!

    6. A great assembly of the luminous Calvinists should shine the glory of Christ intellectually and practically that the true and faithful knowledge of Christ as taught by Calvin will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.

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