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If you are a Calvinist, you are a reader! Many of us in the “Reformed” circles enjoy reading books, but even more love to read substantial books that help mold us into the believer we should be. That is why books are passed out at conferences, passed around by friends, and bought from book stores. We at the Calvin 500 blog know that it is crucial in today’s postmodern culture to get out GREAT books that will aid in that growth process as we seek to pursue a life that holy and honorable to our Lord. In doing so, Reformation Heritage Books have taken the time to create a section on their own website called Calvin 500 for the readers of the Calvin 500 Blog. They have arranged their titles into the following categories so that you our readers can easily find what you may be looking for on Calvin. I must also mention that their prices are hard to beat, discounted at a reasonable price for the purpose to put Reformed and Puritan literature in the hands of the church.

  • The Calvin 500 Series
  • For Children
  • John Calvin
  • Theology
  • Commentaries
  • Pastoral
  • Calvinism
  • History
  • Sermons
  • Biography
  • Devotional
  • Preaching

If you would like to help pass the word, please visit our free download section and print off bulletin inserts or posters for your own church or group.


  1. Do you all have or know of any Bible studies that are available that would cover calvinistic theology?

    I am on staff with the Navigators and am interested in Bible study books I could go through with others.

    Thank you so much.

    I pray God will greatly bless The Calvin Quincentenary!

    Chuck Fry

  2. I can only direct you two ways.
    #1 Reformation Heritage Book store is just set up their Calvin 500 book store for this coming year on Calvinism. I would look there at what they have to offer. Their link would be this:
    #2 Dr. Beeke has written a massive work coming out sometime next month on Living to the Glory of God: An Introduction to Calvinism. That would not only be the best thing I could suggest but for all to read in understanding, learning and knowing true Calvinism. This work will not only provide the church with a tool for helping understand Calvinism but the footnotes in the book are going to cover everything to anything and will site a major amount of works that will answer your questions. You can see the book here:

  3. I am looking for the Logo of the Calvin 500 in a Lapel Pin anyone know where we can get them?

    Please let me know for it is for the last calvinist in Ohio. Thank you..

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