The Rules of Inpatient Drug Rehab and Their Purpose

So, you or your loved one has finally made the decision to get the needed help. It can be a difficult decision when trying to choose the right drug- or alcohol rehab center, as well as a relapse prevention program. However, it is important to understand that sometimes the most difficult expectations make for the best curriculum. You shouldn’t be afraid to embrace a center simply because they have strict rules in place during your stay. Most programs today require essentially the same things from their patients and though it may seem extreme, these measures are taken to ensure the safety and success of all involved in the program. The following is a list of many of the rules and regulations that are common from one center to another.

The patient must take part in scheduled activities – Obviously some exceptions may be made for this rule when patients are too ill to participate. However, it is likely that dismissal from any of the activities will require a doctor’s note. These activities are an essential part of the healing and can help you (or your loved one) prepare for sober life outside of the facility.

Participants must be dress appropriately – This is a rule made to ensure the comfort of all parties involved. Though it is uncommon for uniforms or specific dress codes to be enforced, many facilities do ask that clothing not be overly revealing. They might even limit the type of accessories allowed (such as forbidding sunglasses or hats). This is done so that all members can get an accurate feel for each other and because the eyes are good indicators of the state of the patient.

No Weapons are Allowed – In some cases, what seems a silly trinket can become very dangerous. In many drug- and alcohol rehab center facilities in Austin TX, possessions are checked at the door to ensure that no one brings anything potentially harmful into the facility.

Physical Violence is Forbidden – Though it is understood that drug withdrawal can come with serious emotional spikes, for the safety of everyone involved, it is likely that any exhibiting the potential to harm another person will be escorted from the premises. This is not an altogether uncommon occurrence in meth-, cocaine-, and heroin rehab program.

No Cell Phones Allowed and Communications will be Limited – Due to the fact that outside forces can draw a person right back into full fledged addiction, patients of rehab are often not allowed to have contact with their friends and family – or this contact will be limited to specified times on the grounds. It provides the person time to get clean, heal, and consider what should be said, rather than speaking through a drug- or detox-induced haze.

Each and every one of these rules – as well as any others you may encounter at a rehab center – are in place to serve a very important purpose. The goal of these facilities is to return all patients to the world as clean, healthy, and stable individuals. Anything that might work against this goal is likely to be disallowed.

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