Best Gift Ideas for Roofers

Is there a man or woman in your life that spends a great deal of time ten-, twenty-, thirty feet or higher off the ground? Roofers must overcome many obstacles in their profession. They must contend with bad weather, repairing shoddy craftsmanship, multiple trips up and down ladders, and, of course, working on a slant. So, when it comes time for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion, you want to show you care. Below is a list of items that every roofer would appreciate when contending with this line of work.

Sunglasses Most roofing days are designated as those when the sun is shining bright and the air is dry. That means that Katy TX roofers are all too familiar with the bright, hot sun of this southern state. There is a lot of direct light and glare to contend with atop a roof, so sunglasses are always appreciated by these hard workers.

Water Bottle If you are looking for something little, but meaningful to give the roofer in your life, then why not pick up one of the many insulated water bottles on the market today. Having a drink by his or her side is very beneficial, when the alternative is climbing down the ladder to find a drink at ground level. To contend with the hot sun and hard work, constant hydration is very much appreciated.

Cotton Clothing It doesn’t necessarily have to be cotton, but a breathable fabric is highly desirable in this industry as workers put in many hours in the intense heat of the Texas sun. Clothing isn’t a bad option, either, because these men and women put their clothes to the test as they climb, stand, sit, and kneel in awkward positions, undoubtedly snagging, ripping, or staining clothing as they go. No one ever said that roofing repair was a clean and tidy profession.

Sturdy Ladder Some companies will provide the ladders, others won’t, and some roofers go it on their own anyway. A sturdy ladder that will hold up to the constant abuse placed on it by the roofing professional is always a great gift idea.

Rubber-Soled Boots Roof Repair in Cy-Fair, Texas, requires that workers climb, walk, and work at odd angles. When traversing a sloped work surface, one wants a shoe with good grip, which is exactly why roofers appreciate rubber soles. Better yet, a work boot with a steel toe provides added safety against accidently dropped hammers, power nailers, shingles, and more.

Engraved Hammer Were you hoping to give your loved one something a little more personal without getting overly ‘mushy’? Then, you might consider purchasing a heavy duty roofing hammer and having it engraved with a personal message. While still ‘manly’, it can be a nice reminder of home while he is on the job.

Tool Belt They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles today, so you can truly pick the perfect look with just the right amount of functionality for the roofer in your life. You can rest assured that this is a gift that will be used and appreciated for a long time to come.

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