Posted by: Michael Dewalt | March 4, 2009

Lectures at St. Pierre Cathedral this spring

Beginning March 12, friends in Geneva will present a month’s worth of local lectures. One of our speakers, Isabelle Graessle, will present a lecture. Enjoy the information below. In the framework of the temporary exhibition based on Jean Calvin and in partnership with the parish of Saint-Pierre-Fusterie, the International Museum of the Reformation is planning a cycle of 4 lectures which will be given in St Peter’s Cathedral.

·      “Putting an end to the legend of Calvin the bogeyman. A presentation of the life and work of the Reformer in the context of the 16th century” by Olivier Fatio, founder of the International Museum of the Reformation
Thursday 12 March 2009, at 20.00

·      “Calvin’s women, Calvin and women: between irritation and admiration” by Isabelle Graesslé, director of the International Museum of the Reformation
Thursday 19 March 2009, at 20.00

·      “Michel Servetus or the quest for the ideal monotheism” by Vincent Schmid, pastor of the parish of St-Pierre-Fusterie
Thursday 26 March 2009, at 20.00

·      “Was Calvin a Calvinist?” by Bernard Cottret, historian, specialist on the Reformation and Anglo-Saxon civilizations
Thursday 2 April 2009, at 20.00

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