The Speakers of the Calvin500 Tour and Conference
See the Calvin500 Tour and Conference Schedule here

Commemorating Calvin Conference: A 5-day international symposium with leading Ministers in Geneva (July 5-9, 2009).

Joel R. Beeke, PhD
Iain D. Campbell, PhD
Bryan Chapell, PhD
Edward Donnelly, MTh
Ligon Duncan, PhD
W. Robert Godfrey, PhD
Martin Holdt, PhD
Sinclair Ferguson, PhD
Hywel R. Jones, PhD
Steven Lawson, DMin
Peter Lillback, PhD
Henry Orombi
Philip Ryken, DPhil
Derek Thomas, PhD
Geoffrey Thomas

Tribute Conference begins: A 4-day international symposium with leading scholars in the historic Auditoire in Geneva (July 6-9, 2009).

Henri Blocher, PhD
Richard Burnett, PhD
R. Scott Clark, DPhil
William Edgar, PhD
Isabelle Grassle, PhD
Richard Gamble, PhD
Darryl Hart, PhD
Michael Horton, PhD
Terry L. Johnson, DMin
Douglas Kelly, PhD
Jae Sung Kim, PhD
Robert Kingdon, PhD
Anthony N. S. Lane, PhD
William McComish, PhD
Bruce McCormack, PhD
Andrew McGowan, PhD
George Knight, PhD
Hughes Old, PhD
Herman Selderhuis, PhD
John Witte, Jr., JD

The Young Calvin Scholars Symposium: July 8th in the historic Auditoire.

Matthew Button, MBA
Michael M. Dewalt, MAR
Tim Gwin, MDiv


  1. Do we know what time the various speakers will give their addresses during the week?

    • i do not believe so yet, but should be soon!

  2. I’d like to know where are the conferences occuring for Henri Blocher speaking on July 8.
    What addresse details.

    Thank you.

    I have made some arrangements with Favid Hall already.

    André Pinard

  3. Excelsior, Ligon!

  4. My husband and I sure wish we could be at this!

  5. A practical question, please? Many of the sources on Calvin cite his opposition to dancing. Does anyone know the Biblical basis for his position? Was it only the frivolity or potential for undue intimacy that caused his opposition? We yearly sponsor a Southern ball and I’d like to know that we do so without Calvin frowning from heaven on his birthday!

  6. will there be any audio mp3’s available on download?

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