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RHB Deal on Calvin’s Sermons


calvin_sermons_oscommerceOriginal: $159.80
RHB: $75.00
54% OFF!!! 

Sermons on Mechizeldek and Abraham
The Sermons cover chapters in Genesis with serious examination of Abraham, “the Friend of God” first, as to Abraham’s courage in rescuing his nephew Lot, second, as to his godliness in paying tithes to Melchizedek, third, as to Abraham’s faith in believing God, and lastly, as to his Obedience in offering his son Isaac. Complete and unabridged. Foreword by Dr. Richard A. Muller.

Sermons on the Deity of Christ
Published over 400 years ago, these selected sermons by John Calvin on Christology repudiate false doctrine of Christ but also provide the believer a picture of their majestic Saviour. As in all of Calvin’s Sermons, he is revealed not simply as a theologian and expositor, but as a preacher and pastor to those placed under his care. Forward by Richard C. Gamble.

Sermons on Election and Reprobation
This collection of sermons from the book of Genesis, deals with an awesome topic that has throughout time been repeatedly misunderstood, ignored, and most often shamefully denied. Calvin will cause the reader of these sermons to rightly understand this profound doctrine, to come away with the Biblical truth of the Sovereignty of the Creator in salvation and judgement. Forward by David J. Engelsma.

Sermons on Galatians
This work is a newly typeset edition from the 1574 edition by Arthur Golding and consists of two parts: the text of the whole of Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians as translated by Calvin as well as his sermons on the letter. Forward by Dr. Robert Godfrey.

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