Posted by: Michael Dewalt | March 16, 2009

Calvin Stamps

(Posted by David Hall)
Calvin500 tried in 2006-2007 to persuade the USPS to offer a Calvin commemorative stamp, but we couldn’t get Calvin commemorated by a postage stamp. However, the Swiss have done it.
Special postage stamps: sheet with 20 stamps at CHF 1.- (Art. 1471 111)

In the sixteenth century the Reformer Jean Calvin did not just do great things in the church. Born in France, he left also behind traces which have shaped our whole society to the present day. To mark the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth the Swiss Post is issuing a special stamp 

100 centimes 

On sale
Philately: from 21.2.2009 to 31.3.2010 while stocks last 
Post offices: from 5 March 2009 while stocks last 

Autograph session with Laurent Donner (designer of the stamp): Thursday, 6 March 2009, in the philately post room, av./pl. de la Gare 1, 1000 Lausanne 1 Dépôt, from 1600 to 17.00.

indefinitely from 5.3.2009 

There is an article on the stamps in “Die Lupe“ 

Only orders from Switzerland can be accepted on invoice (subject to credit rating check). Foreign customers or customers who want to order by postal order or credit card, please order only under

CHF 20.00 / Item
Now, is there anyone out there who wants to have a Calvin500 Bracketology?

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