Posted by: Michael Dewalt | July 5, 2009

Calvin500 Roundabout – Day One

Derk Thomas posted his thoughts,

“The evening was brought to a close with a truly wonderful exposition of Ephesians 1:3-6 by Bryan Chapell, a sermon which he called “In praise of predestination.” With some memorable illustrations from Calvin and elsewhere, he carefully took us through the text urging us to see Paul’s commitment in showing us more of God’s Fatherhood than his sovereignty. God, he told us, is shouting: “I’ve been in love with you longer than the stars have been in sky or the fish have been in the sea.”"

Michael Horton on Calvin500,

“This week marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Protestant Reformer John Calvin. Who was Calvin and why is he worth remembering? On this edition of the program Michael Horton talks with church history professor W. Robert Godfrey about his brand new book on this subject titled, John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor.”

Ligon Duncan on Twitter,

“The Gospel resounded in St. Pierre’s, Geneva this morning as Sinclair Ferguson preached Philippians 3:8-14 “In Christ Alone” #calvin500 “

Ray Pennings thoughts on Day One,

“St. Pierre’s Cathedral in Geneva as unusually full for a morning worship service on July 5th, but admittedly a congregation that includes at least one archbishop, six seminary professors, twenty-four seminary professors, approximately 100 Reformed pastors from around the world and the author of over 300 books on Calvinist themes do not make up an ordinary congregation. As Dr. Ferguson noted, “Calvin would be surprised to see us here, and I am not sure he would have approved”however hopefully he would approved of the text.”

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