Posted by: Michael Dewalt | July 3, 2009

My Thoughts and Prep for Calvin500

My Thoughts

I was talking to a friend of mine just the other day through text-messaging about the coming Calvin500 Tour & Conference. In the conversation he mentioned in some matter to me that “it is about God, and not John Calvin” and in another text mentioned something to the effect that Calvin wouldn’t have wanted such a conference. The past week I have thought constantly about his comments, but how true it can be for us that are a part of the Reformed Faith to place such a emphasis on the “clay” that the Lord molds and shapes for his handy-work, this being John Calvin. Believers of the Gospel must be carful when dealing with our rich heritage (that the Lord has given us), but has used for his work, his church, and his glory.

So why gather in Geneva to celebrate John Calvin’s birthday, why spend the money to fly there, hotels, meals, why read papers written on and about John Calvin, why preach sermons on specific text in which are devoted to the ministry in which John Calvin had? These are a number of the thoughts that I have been thinking the last few days in preparing to fly “across the pond” before celebrating John Calvin’s 500th birthday in Geneva. I for one coming from America, and being a believer of the Gospel at the same time can easily see how the American-culture so easily makes idols. I cannot speak for all when blogging, but I can speak for myself in why I’m headed for the Calvin500 Tour and Conference.

I will gathered in Geneva for the 500th birthday of John Calvin—not merely to popularize him or idolize him, because John Calvin would have never wanted that.  I will be there, rather, to make known and lift up John Calvin’s God—my God—The Supreme Being, The LORD who sits in authority and reigns over all things in complete sovereignty. For those who will attend, they will be blessed by…

For those or you in attendance… I hope this is as well your focus celebrating John Calvin’s 500th Birthday!

My Prep

As for my prep, I have packed, I have spent the morning with my fiance and am now ready to start the long trip from Grand Rapids to Detroit to Amsterdam(4-hour layover) and then finally to Geneva. For those of you who will be reading these post and following along on my journey to Europe for the Calvin500 Conference, please I ask three things of you.

1. Be easy on me, my grammar and sentence structures may not be the best. I am a redneck from hickville small-town Ohio and have a long way still to go on my english. But for the most part, I write like I talk, which is not the best to read, but can be refreshing (different) at times.

2. For those that read my blog, “Gospel-Centered Musings,” I’ll be mostly double posting there and here on the Calvin500 Blog for the next 8 days or so. You’ll be able to see pictures, read articles, highlights from the day, and whatnot at either blog. For those that want to follow the Twitter account of my experience and read the post, I recommend my personal blog, because the twitter account is on the right hand side of my blog.

3. Lastly, I have no clue in what to expect for internet access (besides my hotel-room). I have contacted a number of individuals, but have not had much success, so bare with me.

To follow in whatever way you wish:

Twitter – follow his experience in Geneva while attending the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Facebook – look for updated status’s on what is going on during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Calvin500 Blog – Blogging the papers and sermons given during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Calvin500 Twubs – Live twitter updates from all who are twittering the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Gospel-Centered Musings – personal blog post on the experience in Geneva during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

If any of you have questions of what is going on or would like me to find out any information for you dealing with the conference in Geneva during the 500th birthday of John Calvin, I’ll try my best. You can either email, facebook, twitter is the better, and I’ll do my best in trying to answer your questions.

Thankfully I am not traveling through Atlanta airport in any way, the last three times I have been there this past year, they lost my luggage all three times!

Take care for now, I have a flight to catch in an hour and will blog my 20-hour trip across the pond.

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