Posted by: Michael Dewalt | April 11, 2009

Calvin500 Speakers this month

 Our guest speakers keep a busy schedule. If you wish to hear any of them near you, please note the schedule of some of our speakers below:

Twin Lakes Fellowship, April 14-16: Ligon Duncan, Doug Kelly, Derek Thomas

Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, April 17-19: Steven Lawson, Phil Ryken, Derek Thomas, and Michael Horton

St. Louis Conference on Theology, April 24-25: Michael Horton

Grove Chapel (UK), April 30: Sinclair Ferguson

In February, Geoff Thomas and Ted Donnelly were featured speakers at the Northern Ireland Reformed Bible Conference. Joel Beeke and Joseph Pipa will be speakers next year.

For recently posted synopses of Derek Thomas, Steven Lawson, and Bob Godfrey from the recent Ligonier National Conference, see here. 

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