Posted by: Michael Dewalt | December 1, 2008


In response to demand, we will offer a “Conference Only” Package in January, 2009 for Calvin500. If a person arranges his own lodging, this “Conference Only” Package will admit a participant to over 38 sessions in Geneva’s Auditoire and St. Pierre Cathedral during July 5-July 9, 2009. Many Europeans will join us in Geneva (thus, we’ll offer this in Euros), and if a person wishes to join us—and not participate in the other tour events—the “Conference Only” Package will be available from a link on our blog site. Early Bird registration will be 395 Euros during the month of January. From February to March, registration will be 439 Euros, and after April 1 registration will be 475 Euros.

Whether your are interested in the whole tour or this “Conference Only” Package, what a great Christmas gift!!


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