Posted by: Michael Dewalt | February 9, 2009

February Prayer Week’s 1 & 2

1. Pray for the Calvin500 planning committee members as they continue to finalize details for the conference.  Pray, also, for the speakers, that the Spirit of God will guide them in their preparations.  Pray by name for those you know who have a role in either of the two conferences.  Prayerfully read or sing Psalm 86.  Meditate on verses 9-13 in particular.

2. Pray that the Calvin500 conferences will give to all of us a growing appreciation for our spiritual heritage.  Thank God for our faithful forefathers.  And pray that we will learn lessons from John Calvin and other faithful Reformers that will be used by God to transform our own lives and ministries.  Prayerfully read or sing Psalm 44, especially the first eight verses.  Meditate on the fact that it is through our God who has done great things in the past that we have confidence of victory today. 

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