Posted by: Michael Dewalt | June 13, 2009

It’s Not Too Late (but almost) to Join us

Please join one of our sponsors, Reformed Theological Seminary, for “A Taste of John Calvin,” in Orlando June 15-16. It’s not too late. For infor, go to and click on the button for conference infor.

Also, the prices for flight to Geneva are dropping (now ca. $650 r/t from Atlanta), so if you still want to join us for Calvin500, book your own flight, find a hotel in your range, and register before 6/24 with a check payable to Calvin500, and you can participate in history.

If your check for $550 USD reaches our office by that time, you’ll be registered and save over $100 from the price at the door, which is also available (475 Euros or $655 USD).


  1. Does anyone know of somebody who in God’s providence cannot attend the events of the afternoon of the last day (Thursday, July 9th)? I would love to purchase a prorated ticket to attend a conference lecture or worship service that afternoon.
    The reason for this request is that I am an airline captain who will be arriving in Geneva, Lord willing, the morning of July 9th, and must leave the next morning.
    By the way, if you are flying on Continental flight 81 GVA-EWR on July 10th, as you board, stick your head up in the cockpit and say hello!

    • Eric,

      You may attend the final day as my guest at no charge. Just join us and take good care of some of our passengers on the return flight. Come to St. Pierre Cathedral (actually the Auditoire at 9 AM) and join us. See me for an admission badge.
      God bless.

  2. David,

    How very kind and gracious of you!

    Unless the Lord provides an unusual tailwind, I will not likely make it to the Auditoire by 9 AM. Will I be able to find you if I arrive a hour or so later?

    • Eric,

      I’ll be running around, but if I’m not there, just come in and join. If someone asks you for an admission badge, tell them I have it for you. Looking forward to having you with us. God bless.

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