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Calvin500 Roundabout – Day Two

Calvin500 Twubs:

LigonDuncan: Bob Godfrey will preach next. Peter Lillback just brought the word.#calvin500

graceforums: RT @eqdj @TGCN I prefer London Times and The Australian articles on John Calvin #calvin500

TenthPres: RT @LigonDuncan: Phil Ryken preaching first sermon tonight at St. Pierre.#calvin500

mmdewalt: back to the hotel after hearing 5 papers this morning and going on a cruise on lake Geneva this afternoon at the #Calvin500

Derek Thomas Thoughts,

“In an acoustically challenged building (actually it must be the worst acoustics I have ever heard), some truly memorable things were said, none more so than Dr. Godfrey’s plea that when someone hears the term “Reformed” they would immediately think of someone who preaches the gospel and invites sinners to believe in Jesus Christ.”

If you know of something else going on this week during the 500th birthday of John Calvin, email or comment here on the blog and let us know. Thanks for following along with us during our conferences and tour.


  1. As many of you the Calvin pastored a Christian refugee church in Strasbourg, France. My wife and I are celebrating Calvin’s 500th Aniversary, by reaching out to refugees in southwest Germany. We have a team of 6 Irish believers helping us with task. Let us, remember Calvin’s passion for the Mission

    Dr.Peter Vimalasekaran (Freiburg, Germany)

  2. Correction _ First line should read

    1. As many of you know that Calvin Pastored a Christian Refugee congregation.

    2. Team of Irish believers from Knockconny Baptish Church, N.Ireland.

  3. Dear Peter:

    Are you familar with Covenat Protestant Reformed Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland? They have a heart for Missions and lot of good Reformed resources. Here is their link –

    Here is their introduction on their Home Page –
    “Welcome to the website of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church (CPRC), Ballymena, Northern Ireland! We are a congregation of Reformed believers affiliated with the Protestant Reformed Churches in the U.S. and Canada.

    We bear a clear and distinctive witness to the biblical and Reformed faith as summarized in the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dordt—our official creeds. We believe in the glorious doctrine of God’s sovereign, unconditional and particular grace, in the tradition of Augustine, Wycliffe and the Reformers, such as Luther, Calvin and Knox. In our day of apostasy and compromise, we and our children confess God’s truth and worship Him according to His Word through Jesus Christ our Lord. “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised” (Ps. 48:1)!”

    Yours truly,

    • Dear Brother Bill

      Thank you for your info. It is great to know about your work. In fact, I have looked into your website and it was great. Particularly, resources in many languages. It will be very resourceful for ministry like us. We reach out to more than 40 different nationalities in refugee camps. Thank you for sharing the great information. May the Lord blesss you and use you for His glory.

  4. Refugee Ministry and Calvin

    Calvin played an important part in ministering to immigrants and refugees. This is a very current and important issue for Reformed Christians to address and reach out to those immigrants and refugees in the Western World (and every where). According to Dr. Singlair Ferguson, During the time of Calvin, believers in his Parish welcomed many persecuted Christian refugees and immigrants. Though the parishnors had little to share, they happily opened their arms and invited the strangers among them. Dr. Ferguson suggested that Calvin’s preaching had so much impact on believers that they obeyed God’s command. I encourage, my dear brothers and sisters, let us do the same for the glory of God. Calvin would agree with us and exhort us to reach out to those unwanted refugees and strangers among us. By the way, bbc reported there are 8 million illegal (I call them,undocumented people – God calls no one, illega person) immigrants in Europe. They are here to stay, we need to bring the Gospel to transform their lives so that they would have hope to live for and a heavenly home where they can be rightful citizens. Of course, there are many legal immigrants(documented) and refugees also need Christ.

    Peter Vimalasekaran
    European Christian Mission-Refugee Ministry
    79241 Wasenweiler, Germany

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